All foundations are NOT created equal.

Whatever your age, whatever your skin type or condition, imagine make-up that leaves your skin glowing with a natural radiance.

Clean and lightweight, MOTIVES allow your skin to breathe and won't block your pores or cause irritation - you'll feel like you’re wearing no make-up at all.

We custom blend all our foundations, powders, blush and bronzers all to order. Using pure pigments and skin enhancing ingredients, MOTIVES creates your perfect foundation match. Custom Blends are designed to match skin tones perfectly, provide the desired coverage and finish by using advanced combination of bases, toners, enhancers and modifiers that conceal any feature for a truly signature look.

We can customize your coverage to be as sheer as a tinted moisturizer or as thick as theatrical make-up; it also has the ability to cover tattoos completely.

We also customize the finish to be as flat as Chanel matte or as shimmery as J. Lo glow.


Come see what everyone is talking about. Try MOTIVES today and feel the difference for yourself.

We also carry a full range of mineral eye make-up as well as lip gloss, lip crayons, eyeliners, mascara and much more!!

The products are free of perfumes, alcohol, talc, or petroleum dyes, and they do not test on animals.

Make-up Services

  • Eyes ,Cheeks, Lips Light Application -$45
  • Full Face Application - $65
  • Special Occasion Application - $85
  • Application Lesson - $45
  • Dura Lashes individually applied depending on fullness - $15-$35
  • Strip Lashes - $20

* All prices are base and are subject to change.