Covid-19 Information

Progressions Salon Protocol
& State Guidelines

UPDATED 7/22/20

State Guideline Requirements, limits the number of people we are permitted to have in the salon at one time.

  • Appointments: Reschedule if you are not well or have been in contact with anyone that has been sick within the last 14 days.
  • High Risk States Travel: Wait 14 days before visiting our salon (see the CDC COVID19 Data Tracker for a complete List)
  • Arrival Time: 5- 10 mins prior to your start time. We’ve scheduled the exact amount of time necessary for your services as well as additional time for cleaning. If you arrive 10 mins later than your start time and we need to reschedule, you will incur a service charge.
  • No Show: Will incur a full charge for services.
  • Arrival: Call 203-397-9348, if we are not ready, we will TEXT you when it is time. ENTER through the salon’s red glass door.
  • Items Permitted: Keys, cell phone, book, along with form of payment. LEAVE pocketbooks, totes and all other belongings in your car.
  • Temperature checks: Everyone including employees will receive a temp check. A temp of 99 or above we will not permit entry.
  • Updated Info: Email address & phone number are required in the case we need to notify the Board of Health and clients in case of an exposure.  
  • Masks: They are to be worn upon entering our salon, they need to cover your nose, and mouth.If you do not have a mask, you may purchase a disposable one for a ($1). If you are unable, or unwilling to wear a mask, we will unfortunately not be able to provide you with our services, until face mask protocol has been met. Masks, must loop over your ears, not tie around the head. If receiving color, your masks ear loops will become stained, consider wearing a disposable.
  • Gloves: although not required for you to wear, if you would like a pair, we will have them available for your purchase ($1)
  • Manicure services: We will require you to wash your hands using a nail brush to ensure the nails and cuticles are scrubbed clean, for yours and our staff’s safety. This item will be retailed to you for ($2) kept onsite with your personal file and buffer, within a self-sealing disinfectant pouch for use each time you receive your manicure.
  • Blow drying: Provided in designated areas only, when not available we will not be performing this service.
  • N/A Services: Until further notice, services that require masks to be removed cannot be provided, beard/mustache trimming, facial hair coloring, lip/chin waxing.
  • Refreshments and reading material: will not be available at this time.
  • Robes: Will be provided to wear over clothes. Although careful when providing chemical services, we recommend you wear a garment that you are not concerned with, if it were to possibly become damaged during any chemical application process.
  • Take Home: Retail products will be gathered for you and ready for when you leave. You may call ahead to place an order, prepay and pickup curbside.
  • Payment: Checks payable to CABELLO LLC. Accepted CC: MC, Visa, Discovery, Debit Cards. For your convenience, keep your card on file securely for future use. Receipts provided via email.
  • Tipping: Check written to your provider, cash or Venmo accepted.

Our Staff plans to provide the best possible service to you in the safest and most sanitary way. We will wear the required PPE, wash our hands frequently, clean our tools and sanitize our stations between each client. We will be operating cautiously to ensure we comply with the 6-foot distancing.

Each staff member will be monitored for their health and wellness for everyone’s safety

Thank you, Team Progressions